Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Waltons

"The Walton nine held a meeting Wednesday evening, March 24, at Walton's express office, No. 212 North Sixth street every member being in attendance. Most of the players are old 'vets' in the business, and having played together for a long time they always play a good steady game of ball. Andy Kolley has covered first base for the past seven years. He played one season with Waite's Warriors. Genins is also an old timer and plays second base for all he is worth. He will be captain of the nine. Coffey is a regular veteran and one of the best fielders in the city. He will be placed in the left garden. Ehrhardt is a little daisy and has played with the Walton's for the last three years and will attend to all balls going in right field. Albrecht has played with several of the crack semi-professional clubs for several seasons past, and will cover third bag in his best style. Haber, the center fielder, is a lightening thrower and a good base runner. Reinagle, late of the Jacksonvilles and the St. Gotthardts, is to cover short and he knows how to do it right up to the handle. Healy, one of the speediest pitchers in town, will do the twirling. He has pitched several seasons, and is well known as one of the best amateur pitchers that ever occupied the box. Goodeli, late of the St. Gotthardts and Papins, will support Healy behind the bat in Bushong style. Dreckage the tenth man, late of Cincinnati, is a rattling all-around player, and will fill any gap that may occur at any time. This completes the nine, and they are ready for challenges."

-From The Sporting News, March 29, 1886

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