Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fred Dunlap Appreciation Week

I'm officially declaring November 4-10 Fred Dunlap appreciation week here at TGOG. I finished the research yesterday and I would have had the giant Dunlap piece written by now if I hadn't gone out last night and sampled numerous hop-flavored beverages.

To tide us over until I get the piece finished, I leave you with something Dunlap-related to think about. Bill James, in the Historical Baseball Abstract, called Dunlap a "minor star" and said that he was "never a legitimate star in a legitimate league..." Stanley Robinson said that "(Dunlap) was not only the greatest second baseman, but take him in all departments of the game, he was perhaps the greatest player that ever lived." So either Dunlap was never a star at all or he was the greatest player of all time. Or maybe the truth lies somewhere in between.

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