Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dave Foutz In Action

This is a fantastic picture of the great Dave Foutz in action with the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.

Al Spink wrote the following about Foutz in The National Game:

"On the St. Louis American Association team in 1883 to 1888 was Dave Foutz, who with Bobby Caruthers, pitched for the St. Louis Browns in those years when they were winning American Association and then World's Championships.

"Foutz was brought from the Bay City, Mich., Club to St. Louis and remained with the Browns while they were winning pennants.

"In the Fall of 1888 Caruthers and Foutz, pitchers, and Bushong, catcher, were sold to Brooklyn by President Von Der Ahe of the St. Louis Club. It was said he received enough for the releases of the trio to build a block of stone front houses on St. Louis avenue, just west of Grand.

"When those three left St. Louis, however, the St. Louis Club's prestige went with them. With the aid of Foutz, Caruthers, and Bushong, the Brooklyns won the American Association Championship in 1889 and 1890, but in the former year they lost in the fight for the World's flag with New York while in 1890 they tied with Louisville in the World's Championship series.

"Foutz was perhaps the tallest and slimest pitcher in the history of the game. He was from all outward appearances a consumptive. But despite his appearance he was the possessor of considerable strength and while he was one of the speediest of pitchers he could also hit the ball an awful hard crack.

"As a thoroughly gentlemanly player his whole career no one ever saw him lose his temper or heard him speak a harsh word to his most formidable opponent.

"When he left Brooklyn it was to go to Baltimore and he died in that city some years ago."

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