Thursday, November 8, 2007

And He Was A Tough Guy Too

When Fred Dunlap was the captain of the Maroons, he had a problem with one of his players who, according to Al Spink, had "abused (Dunlap's) captaincy and threatened to beat him to death." Reaching a gentleman's agreement, Dunlap and the player decided to settle the dispute in a fight were blows to the face would be illegal because "(such) disfigurement would result in their being unable to appear in the next days game and render service to their club." They "(repaired) to a room accompanied by a friend each,...(stripped) to the waist and (fought) it out...The fight was a terrific one, but ended in a few minutes, Dunlap giving his opponent the worst beating a man ever received."

Dunlap was also involved in a fight with Curt Welch, "the toughest man on the St. Louis Browns". Dunlap "sent him back (to the Browns)...crushed and badly beaten." It's unclear whether this fight was a personal matter between the two men or simply a sporting contest between two tough guys.

Spink went on to write that "this great strength" that Dunlap displayed in fighting made him a "great batsman".

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