Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Western Team

The St. Louis Reds and Niagaras played a pretty game of base ball yesterday afternoon, on the grounds of the former club, which was witnessed by about 1,000 spectators.  The Niagaras gave the Reds a good close rub, and the game was therefore interesting from the beginning to the close, and was greatly enjoyed by all in attendance.  Both teams had on their new uniforms, which looked so much alike that it was hard to tell at times a Niagara player from a Red Stocking man.

Packy Dillon, the catcher of the Red Stockings, having a sore hand, could not play, so their substitute was put on, Redmond being placed behind the bat, Oran at third, and McSorley in short field.  "Old Swees" took a hand in the game, and played at second base, which position he filled right up to the handle...

The game was the best one that has been played here all season.  The Reds did not "show up" very well because some of their men did not play in their home positions.  The playing yesterday allows that they have got it in them to play a good, rattling game, and in a week or two, under old "Sweez's" coaching they will be able to do much better.

The Niagaras are no "slouches" in handling the ball, and should they improve in batting they will play a first-class game this season and give the Empires all they can do to get away with them.  
-Mears Baseball Scrapbook, Volume 5

It appears that this account of the game comes from the St. Louis Democrat of April 20, 1875.

The most interesting thing about this account, other than finding a Reds/Niagara game in the Mears scrapbook, is the appearance of the elusive John Dillon in the game.  Packy's brother played left field.  Also of note is that Pud Galvin pitched for the Niagaras. 

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Cliff Blau said...

The comment on the Empire's hitting is well earned. If Pud Galvin is your cleanup hitter, you know you've a hitting problem.