Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nothing Relating To The Project Could Be Learned

There are no new developments in local base ball affairs.  None of the parties interested in the effort to place the Union Club in the League were at home yesterday, and nothing relating to the project could be learned.  Base ball patrons generally expressed the hope that St. Louis would have a League member, and that games would be played between the local clubs.  It was also argued that games between the home clubs would be the most profitable of an entire season.  With respect to the Unions, a Globe-Democrat reporter was informed that the overtures for League membership came from the League and not from Mr. Lucas.  Four members of the League offered to vote for the admission of St. Louis, with the privilege of Sunday games, providing Mr. Lucas would apply.  It is conceded that Cleveland will not be in the field another season, and the position of Detroit is so doubtful that the league people have no faith in its existence, and they are consequently looking for new members that will be of value to them.  They know they can not get a member in a better base ball city than St. Louis, and that is why they are anxious to take in the Unions.  With Cleveland and Detroit out, the League can not do better than take in the St. Louis and Cincinnati Unions.

What The League Wants.

The League did not want Indianapolis or any place of its size if it could get a large place.  Public support being necessary for the maintenance of clubs, the League financiers were naturally calculating which would be the most profitable cities to take in, and but little figuring was necessary to prove that St. Louis was more desirable that any other point.  This is substantially the view expressed by one who is familiar with all the negotiations that have taken place.

Referring to the question of black-listed players, Vice President Espenschied said: "There is no possible way by which Mr. Lucas could be induced to go back on Dunlap, Shafer, Sweeny, Gleason, Rowe, and Dolan.  I know he is not that kind of a man, and I guess everybody acquainted with him knows it too.  I don't think we will go into the League.  They want us, but if they do get us it will have to be on our terms.  We don't want to quarrel with any association and have to fight them for another year, but we are not going to sacrifice any of the players that helped us in the fight last season.  We know for a fact that neither the League nor American Association want another such fight, and will not force us into another as they did last year.  If the Union Association becomes a strictly Western organization it will be all the better.  The West is a pretty good place for base ball to flourish in."

The situation at Indianapolis is unsettled.  The Cleveland Club is trying to dispose of its League franchise and reserved players to the Indianapolis Club, and President Lucas is trying to get Indianapolis into the Union Association.  A few days will determine its position.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, December 14, 1884

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