Monday, March 25, 2013

The Appended Honorable Release

What do the St. Louis papers mean by announcing that Force, Blong, etc., have been or are to be expelled from the St. Louis Club, in the face of a fact like the one we give below, which has been sent to us by the Buffalo Club manager?  The fact we refer to is the appended "honorable release" from the St. Louis Club.  If no charges have been found true against Force, then the St. Louis journals and other Western papers have done him injustice.  Either the players who have been charged with crookedness are guilty or not guilty.  If they are guilty, put them out of the fraternity, as has been done in Louisville.  If not, then come out openly and say so, not through one member of the club, but over the signature of all of the directors.  The release in question is signed only by the club manager, who himself has been charged with crooked work by Devinney, and no satisfactory examination has been made of the case that we have heard of.  Will Messrs. Fowle and Bishop post us up on the facts?

Copy Of Release
Headquarters Brown Stockings B.B. Club,
St. Louis, Nov. 21, 1877.
Mr. E.R. Spaulding, Buffalo B.B. Association. - I take the pleasure of notifying you that Mr. D.W. Force has been honorably released by the St. Louis B.B. Association.  G. McManus, Manager.
-Mears Baseball Scrapbook, 1856-1907

I really don't want to get back into all of the culture of corruption stuff surrounding the Brown Stockings but this was too good to pass up.  My favorite part is when Chadwick (I assume) throws the whole McManus/Devinney thing back in their face.  That was a nice touch.   

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