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Magnificent Batting And Beautiful Fielding, Part Two

The game of base ball yesterday afternoon between the "Red Stockings" and the Empires, attracted nearly as large a crowd as on the previous day, about 1,500 people being present.  The game was an exceedingly interesting one, and the spectators manifested their appreciation of the fine plays by loud cheers.  The "Red Stockings" did not play so well as in the game with the Unions, failing to bat so effectually, and in their fielding, Wright, Waterman and Sweasy did not display their usual excellent judgment and activity.  H. Wright and McVey are credited with muffs.  Allison behind the bat was not up to his standard allowing a number of balls to pass him; his hands, however, were badly bruised, which may account for the weak battling he displayed.

The Empires played excellently well.  They succeeded in batting Brainard often and safely, and ran their bases well.  Their fielding, barring a few muffs and wild throws, was certainly the finest exhibited by them this season.  Barron as short stop did splendidly in stopping balls, and throwing them to Welch on first base, who failed to catch but once, which muff was unfortunate as, had he held it, the Red Stockings would have been whitewashed, and their score considerably diminished.  Shocky caught finely in centre field, muffing but one ball, and Little took in a number of flies.  Heep had two or three opportunities for flies which he took advantage of, one a very difficult low ball, which he had to run and stoop for to secure.  Wirth stopped and caught very well.

We think it was the finest game of base ball that has been played here this season.

Mr. Harrison was chosen umpire.  The game was called at 3:15 o'clock, the Empires opening the game with

Empire - First Innings.

Wirth to the bat; knocked ball to Waterman, who overthrew to Gould, making his second.  Spaulding out on 3 strikes, Barron knocked a beauty to left, making his first and sending Wirth in.  Sent to second by safe bat of Oran's to right, who took a base.  Oran forced out on second by Sweasy and G. Wright, to whom Heep knocked ball.  Heep run to third on wild throw from G. Wright to Gould.  Barron came in.  Welch brought Heep in by hit to G. Wright, who threw it to Gould, who muffed it.  Fitzgibbons knocked easy to G. Wright, who threw it easy to Sweasy, but missed him, Fitzgibbons making his base and giving Welch third.  Welch brought in by easy knock of Shockey, who too base.  Little out on three strikes, leaving Shockey and Fitzgibbons on bases - 4 runs.

Red Stockings - First Innings.

G. Wright hit to Barron, who threw very high to Welch, who secured it, putting Wright out.  Gould went to second on high ball to right; brought home by strong hit of Waterman to left, on which he made ball, which Barron handsomely caught.  H. Wright knocked to Spaulding, who threw wildly to Oran, letting Waterman in, and H. Wright to third.  Leonard out on right, which Oran sent to first.  H. Wright left on base - 2 runs.  4 to 2.

Empire - Second Innings.

Wirth out on easy tip to Brainard, who put it to Gould.  Spaulding out on first by Waterman and Gould.  Barron out by fielding of G. Wright and Gould.

Red Stockings - Second Innings.

Brainard sent grounder to Wirth, who threw it in time to Welch.  Sweasy made 2d on safe ball to right.  McVey knocked to Spaulding, who threw short to Welch.  Sweasy going to 3d, G. Wright knocked centre, making base; Sweasy home and McVey 2d, both brought home on high safe hit to centre, on which he made 1st.  Waterman 2d on good ball to left, Gould going to 3d; Allison out by fielding of Barron and Welch.  Gould coming in, Waterman run in quickly on pass ball.  H. Wright made 1st on easy hit to Wirth; got home on bad throw of Oran's to 2d; Leonard out on high ball to centre, which Shockey nicely held.  Six runs - 8 to 4.

Empire - Third Innings.

Oran made 2d on very high hit to right, which McVey could not reach.  Heep went to 1st on easy ball to short stop.  Welch out on 3 strikes, Oran and Heep each taking a base.  Oran came in on pass ball, Heep going to 3d.  Fitzgibbons out on 3 strikes.  Shockey out on light ball to Wright, who put it to Gould.  One run.

Red Stockings - Third Innings.

Brainard gave base on 3 balls; 2d on pass ball.  Sweasy out on hit to Wirth, who put it to Welch, Brainard going to 3d; McVey out on a high fly, which was again held by Shockey.  Brainard came home.  G. Wright hit to right field and made 3d, brought in by Gould, who hit to centre, making 1st.  Waterman made second on strike to left.  Gould went to third.  Allison out on a very high hit to third, which was beautifully taken by Little.  Gould and Waterman left on bases.  2 runs - 10 to 5.  

Empire - Fourth Innings.

Little knocked high one to H. Wright, which he took in.  Worth made base on grounder which G. Wright did not stop; stole second.  Spaulding out on fly to G. Wright.  Barron out on fly to McVey.  Whitewash.

Red Stockings - Fourth Innings.

H. Wright out on first by easy tip to Fitzgibbons.  Leonard knocked safely to cente, making base; took second on pass ball.  Brainard put out by fielding of Barron and Welch.  Sweasy knocked to Barron, who failed to put in time to third, and by wild throwing afterwards by Leonard.  Sweasy came in.  McVey hit towards centre, made first.  G. Wright hit to short, made first, McVey making second.  Shockey again caught a very high ball knocked by Gould.  McVey and G. Wright left on bases.  2 runs - 12 to 5.  

Empires - Fifth Innings.

Oran out on high fly by G. Wright.  Heep knocked ground to second, making base; run quickly to second.  Welch out on fly to H. Wright.  Heep making to third; brought home by safe ball to centre by Fitzgibbons who made a base.  Shockey out on easy tap to Brainard.  1 run.

Red Stockings - 5th Innings.

Waterman made home run on a tremendous hit to left field.  Allison out on 1st by fielding of Barron and Welch.  H. Wright out on a splendidly caught fly by Heep.  Leonard out on a high ball which Shockey again handled finely - 1 run - 13 to 6.

Empire - 6th Innings.

Little was again put out on first by a ball to Sweasy.  Wirth out on foul fly to Allison.  Spaulding reached 3d on hard knock to H. Wright, which was muffed; came in on pass ball by Allison.  Barron took 1st on low hit to centre.  Oran struck to G. Wright, forcing Barron out on 2d - 1 run.

Red Stockings - 6th Innings.

Brainard hit safely to right, making 1st, brought home by tremendous bat of Sweasy, who made home run.  McVey struck safely, and made 1.  G. Wright sent grounder to right, and out trying to make 2d.  McVey went to 3d, sent in by low strike of Gould to centre, on which he made 1st.  Stole 2d, brought in by grounder to left by Waterman, on which he made 3d.  Allison out on air ball to Wirth.  Waterman in on pass ball.  H. Wright out by fielding of Barron and Welch - 5 runs - 18 to 7.

Empire - 7th Innings.

Oran knocked to Sweasy, who failed to send it in time to Gould.  Heep took base on called balls.  Oran to 2d.  Each took another base on pass ball by Allison.  Welch knocked swift grounder, making 1st, sending Oran home and Heep to 3d.  Fitzgibbons knocked safely to centre, bringing Heep in and Welch to 2d, both got bases on pass ball by Allison, but brought in by ground ball to left by Shockey who took base, run his 2d in quick time.  Little knocked air ball to McVey, who held it.  Shockey out trying to run 3d by Allison and Waterman.  Wirth hit an easy air ball to Gould - 4 runs.

Red Stockings - Seventh Innings.

Leonard out on 1st by fielding of Barron and Welch.  Brainard out on fly by Barron.  Sweasy got to 2d on high ball which was not reached; went to 3d on pass ball.  McVey struck to Barron, who threw it to Welch who muffed it.  Sweasy came in.  G. Wright brought McVey in by a high ball to left, which Little muffed.  Wright made 2d; came home on grounder to left by Gould who made base.  Waterman went to 3d on a strike to left bringing Gould in.  Waterman reached home on pass ball.  Allison made 1st on easy hit to 3d; got to 2d on pass ball; stole 3d; brought in by hit of H. Wright's to left on which he made 2d, brought home by a ground ball to centre by Leonard who went to 2d.  Brainard out on 1st by Barron and Welch.  Leonard left on base - 7 runs - 25 to 11.

Empire - Eighth Innings.

H. Wright pitch.  Waterman catch.  Allison 3d.  Brainard centre field.  Spaulding out on ball knocked in Gould's hands.  Barron out by Allison and Gould.  Oran out by same fielding - Whitewash. 

Red Stockings - Eighth Innings.

Sweasy made 3d on fair bat to right.  McVey knocked to Spaulding, who threw badly to Welch, passing him, giving Sweasy home, and McVey 2d; G. Wright hit to left, making base; McVey came in.  Wright stole 2d.  Gould made 1st on knock to Barron, who stopped it prettily; but threw to 2d without success.  G. Wright ran 3d, and by bad throwing, came home, Gould taking 2d; Waterman out on foul bound to Oran; Allison out on foul fly by Oran, H. Wright out by Barron and Welch, leaving Gould on base - 3 runs, 28 to 11.

Empire - Ninth Innings.

Heep out by G. Wright and Gould.  Welch made 1st on safe hit to centre; out on 2d trying to run it, by Allison and G. Wright.  Fitzgibbons made 1st on ball to G. Wright, which he threw wildly to Gould.  Shockey made good hit to centre, taking his 1st, and Fitzgibbons 3d came in on pass ball; Shockey going to 2d and then 3d, on wild throw of H. Wright to George to 2d.  Little made his 1st on ball which G. Wright failed to stop, bringing Shockey in.  Wirth knocked a hot one to centre, which passed Brainard, on which he reached 3d, Little coming home.  Spaulding out on 3 strikes by Waterman and Gould - 3 runs.

Red Stockings - Ninth Innings.

Leonard knocked a high one to Heep, which he handsomely caught.  Brainard knocked low one to left, going to 2d.  Sweasy out by Wirth and Welch; Brainard went to 3d; McVey sent liner to centre, which Shockey muffed, Brainard coming in, McVey taking 1.  Geo. Wright sent McVEy in by tremendous hit over Shockey's head, on which he made home run.  Gould struck to centre, reaching 2d; Waterman knocked a hot one to Little, which was caught - 3 runs.
 -Missouri Republican, September 17, 1869

This was a very good game by the Empires.  They stood toe to toe with one of the greatest teams in the history of baseball and didn't get destroyed (unlike the Unions the day before).  The Red Stockings were not particularly sharp and I don't know enough about the club to say whether or not they were having an off day.  It kind of seems like it to me but it doesn't really matter.  This was one of the tougher games Cincinnati had in 1869.  It was one of their poorer offensive showings (and the Empire defense had something to do with that, especially the fine play by John Shockey in center) and only ten clubs scored more than fourteen runs against the Red Stockings in 1869.  Other than the 15-14 game they played at home against the Forest Cities of Rockford, this was probably the toughest game they had against a Western club.  This was an honorable loss.  


Cliff Blau said...

Even with their relatively poor showing in this game, the Red Stockings scored in every inning of both games.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

I noticed that. The Empires played a really good game and still couldn't contain the Red Stockings' bats. Not too many clubs, in full games, were able to keep them under 25 runs. They were a tough bunch.