Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Union Teams Are Rapidly Going To Pieces

Phillips had a long talk with McCormick and Glasscock at Boston.  They are heartily sick of their contract, and wish themselves back in the National League.  The Union teams are rapidly going to pieces, and the association is plunging deeper and deeper into debt.  Muldoon indignantly denies the rumor that he desired to join Thorner's Union team at the time of McCormick's and Glasscock's desertion.  He says McCormick approached him and asked him to go with them, but he replied that he was not a contract-breaker. [Cleveland Leader.]  Mr. Glasscock requested the fact to be published that the above item is a fabrication from first to last.  There never was any such conversation held with Phillips; in fact, the latter would have not required much inducement to leave the Clevelands.  McCormick and Glasscock are entirely satisfied with their contract, and have no intention or desire to re-enter the League, as alleged above.  Their salary has always been promptly paid, and there has not been the least ground for fault-finding. - [Boston Globe.]
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 24, 1884

Notice that they don't deny the allegation that the league is falling apart and was in debt. 

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