Friday, January 11, 2013

The 1884 Maroons Lose And A Kid Baldwin Story

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 19, 1884

While in Boston last week, "Kid" Baldwin, of the Kansas City base ball team, was victimized to the extent of $250.  He had a check for that amount forwarded to him, and he gave it to a fellow named E. Craig to cash for him.  This Craig promised to do, but since receiving the check he has not been seen by Baldwin.  Craig is said to be a drummer for a New York house, and Baldwin was but slightly acquainted with him.
-St. Louis Globe Democrat, September 19, 1884

The Maroons' fifteen game winning streak ended in Washington on September 18 and, as they traveled to Boston for the last leg of their road trip, they were about to experience their longest losing streak of the season.

As to Kid Baldwin, somebody should write a book about that dude. 

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