Thursday, January 3, 2013

Box Scores!

At an early hour yesterday morning a base ball match, between the Excelsior and Lone Star Clubs, came off on the vacant grounds near of Twentieth and Biddle streets.  The contest terminated in favor of the Excelsior Club...The Lone Star Club is composed of boys of from sixteen to eighteen years, and the Excelsior Club of boys of much larger growth.
-Missouri Republican, August 17, 1860

I posted this information not that long ago but I'm reposting it because I was finally able to grab the box score.  Even though I have access to a lot of newspaper databases, sometimes it's difficult to capture the box score image.  But recently I found a nice little browser app that basically lets me capture any part of any image that shows up in the browser.  So grabbing the box scores just became much, much easier.   

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