Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The 1884 Maroons: Revenge

The St. Louis Unions nine took their revenge on the Boston team to-day, bad fielding losing the last game of the season in Boston for the home nine.  The Bostons batted Sweeney more easily than before, but the batters could not bunch their hits.  In the second inning, with men on second and third, Butler really lost the game by throwing wild to first when he had a good chance for the third out, thus allowing Boyle and Baker to score.  Afterward two other men scored in the same inning.  After two innings Shaw, whose shoulder was very lame, had to go to right field and Crane took his place.  Though Crane had never pitched before he did some phenomenal work, striking out the first three men and giving the St. Louis team but four safe hits in seven innings.  Errors gave the St. Louis a run in the fifth and a base on balls, and Boyle's hit to the left field corner for a home run gave them two more in the sixth.  More errors added another to their score in the eighth.  The Bostons scored in the fifth on a fumble by Whitehead, and two base hits and an error gave the home nine one more run in the ninth.  Mullins' center-field play was the feature of the game.  "Orator" Shaffer was presented with a cricket bat when he came to the plate.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 25, 1884

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