Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Great Pictures Of Basil Duke

Have I ever mentioned how much I really like Basil Duke?  Yeah, I probably have.  His life story is just extraordinarily interesting and he was an important historical figure, as a pioneer baseball player in St. Louis and as one of the commanding officers of Morgan's Raiders.  Sure, I kind of make him out to be the villain in the story of antebellum St. Louis baseball but, if he was anything, Duke was a man of honor and the things that he did, he did because he believed in them.  Also, it should be noted, he was also a historian and Civil War Reminiscences and History of Morgan's Cavalry are important works.  Duke, in the 1880s, was a regular contributor to Southern Bivouac, a historical journal, and he helped found the Kentucky chapter of the Southern Historical Society.  In many ways, his work helped shape the idea of the Lost Cause.

I found the above photo of Duke at a website about poetry-writing lawyers and it comes from a book published in 1897 called Some Kentucky Lawyers of the Past and Present.  The photo below is really cool and it comes 1864, when Duke was a prisoner of war in Ohio.  Duke is in the back row, second from the right.  I found the picture at a very nice website about the Lexington Rifles, Morgan's original cavalry unit.   


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