Sunday, June 3, 2012

Now That's A Nickname

Dave Foutz

The "Mephistophelian Foutz" is the way they refer in Louisville to the Browns' new pitcher.
-St. Louis Globe-Demcorat, August 5, 1884

Hitting off Foutz was like hitting off the Devil himself.

I think that Foutz' accepted nickname was "Scissors" but we need to petition B-Ref to change it to "Mephistophelian Foutz."  I know that now and forever I will refer to him by that name.


The Baseball Idiot said...

If you had a like button, I would.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

I think like buttons are kind of sad, as if you're begging for approval. You can like the post even if there's no button to officially allow you to do so.

That said, glad you liked it.