Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Civil War-Era Empire-Union Match

Champion Base Ball Match. - The base ball match between the Empire and Union Base Ball Clubs, for the Championship, on Gamble's Lawn, Thursday, resulted in the success of the Empire Club, in a total of 27 runs to 9.  
-Missouri Republican, November 28, 1862

This is the second Empire-Union match that I'm aware of from 1862, the first being won by the Unions by a score of 53-15.  I would bet that they played a third game.

Also, it should be noted that this was the Union Club and not the Union, Jrs.  The Unions, contrary to what the secondary sources said, were active in 1862 and the first nine was composed of familiar names such as Smith, Greenleaf, Billion, Finney, Freeman and Duncan.  And they were going against an Empire Club with Yule, Duffy, Barrett, Fuller, and Fitzgerald on it.  Those guys would battle each other for the rest of the decade.   

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