Friday, March 23, 2012

Von der Ahe Secures Foutz

Dave Foutz
President Eugene Fifield and E.W. Bennett, Secretary and Treasurer of the Bay City, Northwestern League, Team, are in town, the guests of President Von der Ahe, of the Browns.  They come to see to-day's game. 
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, July 20, 1884

Now, what could this be all about?  Oh, wait.  I know:

David Foutz, of the Bay City Northwestern League club, whom President Von der Ahe, of the St. Louis Browns, has just secured, is a remarkable twirler for a young man of 23 years.  He first made a hit with the Leadville Blues in 1881, and of fifty-four games played by them that year Foutz pitched forty, and lost but one. He played with the Bay Citys last year, and up to date with them this year.  Last year he played in 43 games, and this year he has pitched 21 games, only 4 of which were lost.  He is tall and slim, standing 6 feet 2 inches in his stocking feet and weighing about 165 pounds.  He played with Bay City against the Browns last April, and but four hits were made off him.  He is quiet, gentlemanly, and cool and calculating in his work.  He not only pitches, but plays any position outside of a catcher.  President Von der Ahe is enthusiastic over his success in securing him, and says he will play his first game in Cincinnati July 29, when his ten days are up.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, July 20, 1884

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