Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 1884 Maroons: Loosely And Listlessly

The St. Louis Unions gauged Burke's delivery with perfect ease today, and batted out a victory in a game that was loosely and listlessly played on both sides.  Cattanach was a puzzle to the Bostons and their base running was poor.  Crane's splendid catching of Burke's wild delivery saved them from a Waterloo.  St. Louis scored two in the first innings on singles by Rowe, Quinn and Baker, and Butler's high throw to cut off Rowe.  In the fifth, base hits by Gleason and Baker, Brown's muff and Shaffer's triple to left center gave them 3 runs.  In the sixth Irwin's fumble and singles by Gleason, Rowe and Shafer added 2 more.  In the seventh inning Boyle sent the ball flying over Butler's head for a home run.  Shafer's muff of a fly and singles by Hackett and Brown gave Boston 2 runs in the fourth inning.  Then they got 2 more in the fifth on a single by Crane, wild throws by Whitehead and Gleason and a wild pitch.  The last run they scored in the eighth was made by Murnan, who reached first on Gleason's error, stole second and scored on two wild pitches.  Crane's catching, O'Brien's infielding, and the fine outfield work of Boyle and Brennan were the features of the game.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, July 18, 1884

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