Saturday, March 3, 2012

The 1884 Maroons: A Decided Superiority At All Points

The St. Louis Union Club dropped into Union Park this afternoon and cleverly won a game from the Baltimore team.  The game was a pretty exhibition of ball as far as the visitors were concerned.  They played a perfect game.  Not even a single passed ball or wild pitch was charged against them.  The fielding of Gleason at third base was brilliant.  Of course Dunlap, at second base, played a fine game.  Billy Taylor pitched a great game, and the entire nine acquitted themselves with credit.  Dunlap led in the batting, making two clean home runs.  For the home team the story is different.  Say, who has had a three-days' holiday, made his reappearance and made four errors.  Apart from this the home club fielded well.  Their batting was light.  The visitors displayed a decided superiority at all points.  The game opened with the St. Louis team at the bat.  They scored 2 runs.  Dunlap led off with a home run, Shaffer followed with a base hit and finally scored on two errors by Say.  The home club made a run in the third inning on hits by Levis and Cuthbert.  The visitors added 2 runs to their score in the fifth inning.  Brennan made a base hit and Dunlap sent him across the home plate on a hit for a home run.  The visitors again scored in the seventh inning.  Dunlap went to first on an error by Say and scored on Shaffer's base hit.  The attendance was 2,000.  The same clubs play again Wednesday afternoon.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, July 8, 1884

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