Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The 1884 Maroons: The Best Behaved Club To Ever Appear In Altoona

The St. Louis and Altoona clubs played their fourth game [in Altoona] to-day before 1,000 people.  The home club was strengthened at third by Cross, from St. Louis, he playing a very good game.  The Altoona Club played magnificently in the field, having but two errors and arousing, at times, the audience to a high pitch of excitement over wonderful stops.  But, despite all this, the St. Louis Club made run after run until they had piled up 12, earning 8 of them, and this is in the face of the greatest fielding the Altoona Club has ever shown.  The St. Louis Club left for home this evening.  The city of Altoona will bear testimony to the fact that the St. Louis nine is the best disciplined and best behaved club that has ever appeared here.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, May 6, 1884

The Maroons went 8-0 against Altoona and outscored them 92-19.  Cross, by the way, did play well in his two games with Altoona, going four for seven with a double, two walks and a run scored.  But he still wasn't the answer to Altoona's problems, at least not when it came to the Maroons.

And Dunlap was back, which leads to two questions.  First, What Did Dunlap Do?  The King of Second Basemen had two hits and three runs scored in his return to the Maroons.

But the second and more important question is where was he?  More on that tomorrow.       

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