Monday, November 28, 2011

The 1884 Maroons: Administering Another Drubbing

The St. Louis Unions, on yesterday afternoon, gave another exhibition of heavy batting, and administered a third drubbing to the Baltimore Club, beating them by a score of 16 to 8, and earning one-half of their runs, while the visitors earned but one-tally.  The Baltimore nine was weakened by the absence of Fusselbach, who was unwell, and Seery was sent behing the bat to support W. Sweeney, O'Brien taking left, J. Sweeny center, and Henry Oberbeck, of this city, right.  The local battery were Werden and Brennan, Dickerson covering third base, Quinn left field, and the others in their usual position.  The game was loosely played, eleven errors being charged to each side.  These, however, included two wild pitches each by Werden and Sweeny, the Union Association rules requiring that they be scored in the error column.  The visitors made but seven hits...Nineteen hits and a total of twenty-seven bases were made by the local sluggers.  Rowe and Shafer scored three-baggers, and Rowe, Brennan, Whitehead and Werden two-baggers.  Out of six times at the bat, Brennan secured five hits.  Shafer ranked next with four hits...Dunlap made two great one-handed stops of high throws by Brennan.  Over 8,000 persons were present, the grand stand crowd being very large, and including many prominent citizens.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, May 18, 1884

I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in the Maroons' attendance.  They had a nice crowd for this Sunday game but, generally, they weren't drawing all that well.  They were doing okay but I expected them to draw much better than this.  While I haven't looked all that close at the numbers, I'm pretty sure that the Browns were drawing bigger crowds.  I didn't expect that.

Speaking of disappointing:  What Did Dunlap Do?  Nothing.  But he didn't make an error and made a couple of nice plays on wild throws by Brennan.  So there's that.

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