Friday, July 22, 2011

Tempting And Disreputable

Lucas, of St. Louis, says that while in Philadelphia he saw Shaffer and Dunlap, both of whom repeated their assurances that they will be here April 1st. Shaffer is reported to have been offered $5,000 for the season by Appleton of the Metropolitans, if he would break his contract with the Union Club of this city and go to New York. The offer, which was very tempting and equally disreputable, was rejected, the "orator" declaring that he would keep his contract if no one else did.-[Cincinnati Enquirer.]
-Cincinnati Herald, March 13, 1884

As honorable a man as Orator Shaffer may have been, I'm thinking that if someone offered him five grand to play baseball in 1884, he would have taken it.

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