Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Diamond Dust Round Up

The below comes from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat of February 24, 1884:
The Lucas Club has three catchers and three pitchers.

Leaving out the Mullane situation, finding pitchers and catchers appears to have been a problem for the Maroons. At some point, I'll address this in more detail.

Henry Lucas is purchasing his club's uniforms at home. He says St. Louis can make up as good uniforms as Chicago.

That's a bit of nice PR.

Hodnett and Werden are well thought of by members of the Lucas nine, and it predicted that both will develop great strength this season.

Perry Werden and Charlie Hodnett went a combined 24-3 for the Maroons in 1884.

Work on the Lucas Club grounds is rapidly progressing and the place will be ready for business in a short time. The roof is now being put on the grand stand.

We're (finally) getting close to the start of the season.

Dunlap and Schaffer have written to Manager Sullivan to hunt them up a private boarding house. It seems their minds are made up as to where they are going to play...

Dunlap and Shaffer, "the Orator," say that they will stick to their contracts with "Lucas." This is what several other players ought to have done.-[New York Truth.]

Not sure why Lucas' name is in quotations.

The Union Association Club of this city is thinking about taking their trips in a special car. President Lucas claims that such an accommodation will not be much more expensive than the ordinary way of traveling, while its advantages in many respects can not be overestimated.

Nothing but the best for the Maroons.

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