Monday, July 11, 2011

Diamond Dust

Not sure if I ever mentioned this but the Globe had a column of baseball notes called Diamond Dust. Rather than spend the next week posting the great stuff that was in the February 17, 1884 column, I'll just give it too you all in one dose:

Ward is studying law at Columbia College. Next summer he will probably be pitching in St. Louis.

No. Pour the gasoline. Strike the match. Kill the rumors. Please.

Each player of the St. Louis Club will be provided with a bat case, and will carry two bats with him at all time.

Have to assume that this is the Browns. If it was the Maroons, they would have described the team as the St. Louis Union Club. But this just seems a bit out of character for Von der Ahe. Bat cases couldn't have been cheap and I don't see Von der Ahe springing for something that was not exactly necessary. I don't know. Was this common at the time? Did players of this era always carry their bats in a case?

The Lucas team will have a regular traveling suit, which will be dark blue. This will be the first of its kind introduced by any ball club.

All together now: Let's check Game of Inches. Morris, while writing about road uniforms, does indeed cite this article but goes on to mention that the Post-Dispatch claimed that the 1871 Troy club were the first to have a distinct road uniform. So the Maroons were one of the first clubs to have a specific uniform that they wore only on the road and may have been the first.

Dunlop is one of the wealthiest ball players in the profession. He has regularly saved the major part of his salary since he commenced to play ball.

I sometimes imagine Dunlap as Scrooge McDuck, swimming around in his vault full of coin.

Workmen are busily engaged on the grand stand of the Lucas grounds. Folding chairs will be placed in the slopes, and from present indications it will be one of the best arranged buildings of its kind in America.

It was the Palace Park of America.

The St. Louis Club will return to brown stockings next year, and has adopted a very handsome shade of that color. The caps will be of the League pattern, with white and brown stripes, with brown belts with large nickel buckles. A natty little coat will be worn with the uniform.

Given our recent problems with identifying team photos, I appreciate the specifics given here.

It is claimed by some authorities that the oath to which Tony Mullane subscribed, promising to sign with the Toledo Club, was equivalent to an engagement, and his contract with Toledo is not binding unless he should choose to let it be so, and he could contract with any other American Association or League club if he chose without penalty, as he was not eligible to contract until February 10. Before President Lucas gets through with him he will wish that he had never heard of the Toledo Club.


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