Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Chance Of A Lifetime

We have for sale one of the largest and best-paying retail grocery stores in the City of St. Louis; sales last year over $75,000; cares stock of $10,000; has feed and flour store and butcher-shop, 3 horses, 3 delivery wagons, good stable, 9 rooms over store, good office on first floor; increase of sales last year 50 per cent. This is the chance of a lifetime to get an established business that is a certain fortune. Having decided to devote all my time and attention to furthering the interest of the Sportsman's Park and base ball interests, I have decided to sell the above business.
Christ. Von Der Ahe.

For the full particulars apply to
Chipley & Bartlett,
Real Estate Agents
203 N. Eighth st.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, February 5, 1884

And how cool is that? I think I learned more in that paragraph about Von der Ahe's early business than I did in everything I've read previously combined. It's just amazing sometimes what you find in the newspapers.

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