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The King Of Second Base

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Fred Dunlap has at last succumbed to the inducements of Nimick. The famous second baseman was visited by the Pittsburg magnate last Sunday, and the two held a conference in the Continental. Dunlap will not admit that he was agreed to play at a much lower figure than what he said he would. But it is true nevertheless. He clung to the last moment to the price of his salary last season, $5,000, but now the once "king second baseman" has fallen like all other big men of history. He is to get, so a good authority says, the sum of $3,500 for his season's work.
-Chicago Tribune, March 30, 1890

Fred Dunlap Signed

The King of Second Base Will Play With the Washington Team

...The terms of Fred Dunlap were accepted tonight, and he will play with the National Club, of Washington, next season.
-Washington Post, February 6, 1891

Charley Sweasey, Al Reach, Jimmy Wood, Ross Barnes, John Burdock and Fred Dunlap were the great second basemen of the past...
-Boston Daily Globe, November 1, 1891

Here we have Dunlap described as "famous," "the once 'king second baseman,'" "The King of Second Base," and one of "the great second basemen of the past" but, remember, he was never a legitimate star in a legitimate league.

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