Friday, July 24, 2009

Blong's Contract With The Brown Stockings

Blong was called in at the meeting last night, but declined to say anything of consequence. He expressed himself outside as totally indifferent to the action of the club, and well he might be, for he had in his pocket at the time a written contract for the year beginning November 1 with the St. Louis Base Ball Association at $1,500. That contract was executed at the Gibson House yesterday.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat (quoting the Cincinnati Enquirer), September 23, 1875

If I have all the dates lined up correctly, Blong was signed by the Brown Stockings on September 20, 1875. This was two days after the "incident" and the same day he was expelled from the Stars (but before he met with the club). Any speculation on my part that Blong had signed before the Stars/Ludlow game was wrong. However, it's still likely that Blong was talking to the Brown Stockings about a contract prior to the game.

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