Monday, May 4, 2009

A Perversion Of County Fairs

The Chicago Journal is speaking of this subject says "Judging from the extent and character of the published reports of various County Fairs, in this and other States, games of base ball and horse racing are evidently considered first-class 'agricultural' improvements and accomplishments.  Less of both would be more creditable to all concerned."

We hear the same complaint from nearly all the Fairs in this part of the State.  It is evident from all we can learn, that these organizations are very fast deteriorating from the high and beneficial objects had in view by their originators, into gatherings for the purpose of horse racing, gambling and debauchery, and unless something is done very soon to remedy these evils, our fairs will be avoided and shunned by all well-disposed persons, as they would the pestilence.
-The Alton Telegraph, September 20, 1867

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