Friday, May 29, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

I've been hitting the antebellum/Civil War stuff pretty hard lately.  That's not an apology as I love the subject matter and plan on going back to it tomorrow.  But I thought I'd go in the complete opposite direction today.  Consider this a palate cleanser.

Above is a picture of the 1899 St. Louis Perfectos that I found over at Baseball Fever in BSmile's fantastic Vintage Panoramic Pictures thread.  The players were identified by bmarlowe and include:

1. Cy Young
2. Cupid Childs
3. Jake Stenzel
4. Harry Blake
5. Albert Cowboy Jones
6. Emmet Heidrick
7. Ossee Schreckengost 
8. Patsy Tebeau
9. Jesse Burkett
10. Bobby Wallace
11. Ed McKean
12. Jack "Red" Powell
13. George Cuppy
14. Frank Bates
15. Jack O'Connor
16. Lou Criger
17. Zeke Wilson
18. Chief Zimmer

Here's the same pic without the numbers (if you want to steal a pristine copy for your files):

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