Saturday, January 31, 2009

Silver Flint and Covington

The Stars, of Covington, Ky., have got Joe Blong, John McSorley and Packey Dillon, of the St. Louis Reds, and Dennis McGee (Mack), of the St. Louis Empires, playing on their nine, and yet they are not satisfied, as a telegram was received from them yesterday for Flint, the excellent catcher of the St. Louis Reds. Flint, who, by the way, is as true as steel, is with his club at Louisville, and will not be apt to jump to the Stars as Blong and McSorley did. If the Stars keep on sending to St. Louis for talent, they will soon have a nine that will be able to play a decent game of base ball.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 5, 1875

If you look around, you'll find secondary sources that say that Flint played for the Stars in 1875 but I've never seen any evidence of that and, in fact, the contemporary sources make it pretty clear that he was with the Reds the entire season. This piece in the Globe, at the very least, shows that the Stars certainly had an interest in Flint.

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