Saturday, January 3, 2009

Joe Pritchard

I found the above image of Joe Pritchard in the December 22, 1887 issue of The Sporting News. Pritchard was identified as "the well-known baseball writer of St. Louis." I had never heard of Pritchard, couldn't find much information on him, and even those with much more knowledge about 19th century sports writers than I hadn't heard of him. I was at a dead end with it and just filed the pic away.

Then I finally stumbled across a reference to Pritchard in the February 5, 1890 issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune. "Pritchard," the article stated, "has for several years been the St. Louis correspondent of Sporting Life, and will be remembered as the individual who negotiated the transfer of Bobby Caruthers from St. Louis to Brooklyn." It also identified Pritchard as the President of the Inter-State League.

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