Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Forest City Club Comes To St. Louis

The Forest City Club of Rockford, Ill., one of the oldest and most reputable of Western clubs, gave an exhibition of their fine qualities in a match with the Union Club at the ball park on August 31, that drew out a goodly attendance and proved void of all disappointment inasmuch as the reputation of the visitors preceded all hope of victory...

The game of the Forest City Club with the Empire on September 1 was hurriedly played and on the part of the home team, a horribly played one. The visitors were compelled to leave the city at an early hour and it would have been very much better for the reputation of the Empires if they had departed the night before inasmuch as the Empires allowed themselves to suffer such a shameful defeat that the local press made no further mention of it than to give the score: Forest City 70, Empire 6.
-E.H. Tobias, writing in The Sporting News, December 7, 1895

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