Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Becker Family And St. Louis Baseball

I found this interesting blog run by the great-grandson of Edward Becker which had some relevent pieces of information regarding Becker's ownership of the Browns/Perfectos/Cardinals (or, more rightly, the St. Louis National League Baseball Club). The site had the above picture of Becker and Frank Robison as well as a couple of quotes from the Globe-Democrat (which I'll post below). The most intriguing piece of information they presented was that Becker maintained his minority ownership of the team until 1917.

Edward C. Becker, St. Louis’ new baseball magnate, who is vice-president of the American Baseball and Athletic Exhibition Company of St. Louis, the organization which has gained league recognition as the successor of Sportsman’s Park and Club, returned to St. Louis last night from New York, where he was in attendance at the special meeting of the National League magnates, called for last Friday to settle the St. Louis muddle.
-From the Globe-Democrat, March 28, 1899

Never in the history of the sport, not even in the days of the old champion Brown Stockings, has the St. Louis public shown as much interest in baseball as it has evinced since Frank De Haas Robison and Edward C. Becker became joint owners of the local franchise and placed Patsy Tebeau and his crack team on the home diamond.

The parade, always a feature of the opening day, was started shortly before 10 o’clock. Following the Master of Ceremonies and the team was a long line of carriages. In the first vehicle were Frank DeHaas Robinson, Edward C. Becker and M. Stanley Robison. All along the line of march the party was cheered. Huge bouquets were presented Mr. Robison and Mr. Becker when passing Gaylord & Blessing’s.

-From the Globe-Democrat, April 15, 1899

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