Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fruin Lives!

-From The New York Times, March 6, 1887

And I don't know why this interests me so much but the company that Jeremiah Fruin started in 1872 as Fruin & Company General Contractors is still in existence. Now known as the Fru-Con Construction Corporation, the company is headquartered in Baldwin, Missouri and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bilfinger Berger.


Richard Hershberger said...

It is easy to get obsessive about this sort of thing. I started down that road with my Easton research. Fortunately I made only one trip to Easton, which is about five hours away from me. That was appropriate for local library resources. When I found myself seriously considering driving back to look through church archives I cut it off. These things take on a life of their own, far beyond any intrinsic interest to others.

Jeff Kittel said...

The blog format lends itself to obsessiveness. One of the general rules of blogging is that in order to build and maintain readership you must post everyday. That can be a good thing. It forces me to do research, to keep digging, to continue to learn. On the other hand, it leads me to a place where I know more about Fru-Con than I really need to know.

Fru-Con, by the way, is the tenth oldest construction company in the United States.