Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Edward Bredell

Edward Bredell, Jr. was mentioned in Merritt Griswold's letter to Al Spink as one of the members of the Cyclones, the first baseball club in St. Louis to play under the New York rules. Recently, I received an email from Bill Battle, who is a member of the St. Louis Perfectos Base Ball Club, and he was kind enough to share some information with me about Bredell.

According to Mr. Battle, Bredell was born on August 3,1893 and died on November 16, 1864. Bredell had been an lieutenant in the Confederate army during the Civil War and was serving with Mosby's Rangers when he was killed at the Battle of Ashby's Gap.

Bredell's death is mentioned in Partisan Life with Col. John Mosby, a book written by Major John Scott and published in 1867. According to Major Scott, "Lieutenant Edward Bredell, from St. Louis, Mo., was killed at Whiting's house. He was a private in the battalion, and derived his title from a staff position which he had filled in the regular service. He was a brave soldier and his loss is much regretted in the command. Bredell had a midnight funeral on the island, a sand deposit in the Shenandoah, but his remains have since been removed to Cool Spring Church, near Piedmont."

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