Monday, October 1, 2007

That's Not How We Did It In My Day

Joe Ellick, who played in seven games as a sub for the St. Louis Reds in 1875, retired to the Kansas City area after his playing days were over in the 1880's. After his retirement, Ellick served as a sort of official substitute umpire in the National League. According to The Sporting News, Ellick umpired several League games in July and August of 1886.

Ellick's service as an umpire did not last very long. Within weeks of accepting the job, Ellick quit to return to his business interests. According to an article he wrote for Lippincott's Monthly Magazine in October of 1886, Ellick was unable to stomach the conduct of the players (who he referred to as "hoodlums"), fans, and journalists. In the article, Ellick wrote that "(some) defensive armour for protecting the umpire against bad language and beer-glasses is imperatively called for..."

After his unhappy stint as an umpire, the former player and manager left the game for good.

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