Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Billy Motz Didn't Much Like Topeka

Below is a letter written to The Sporting News and published in its May 17, 1886 issue:

Topeka, Kan., May 10.-Editor, Sporting News:

With your kind permission I take the pleasure of letting you know how badly they did me in this town. They gave me no show to make a hit. I left St. Louis without any practice and came to Topeka and went in the box against the Kansas City League team. They made ten hits off me with no support in the field. I had a sore arm at the time and had to pitch the whole game. The fielders muffed everything that came their way. We had no team here at the time and had to pick up a lot of boys around town to make up the nine. This game resulted in my release, as it was my first and last. They gave me no chance to redeem myself against our equals in the Western League. Fahey of the Drummands came here to play, and was so disgusted with the town and the people in it, that he made up his mind to go home and he can tell you how they treated me.

William Motz

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