Saturday, October 20, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Pud!

I was messing around at Digg this afternoon and came across an interesting story about Pud Galvin.

According to this story from Pud, Keith Olbermann claims that Pud Galvin was a steroid user. Olbermann "credited Galvin with being the first baseball player to have used performance enhancing drugs. According to Olbermann, the steroid of choice those days was monkey testosterone — a big fad in the late 19th century due to its ability to make men feel revitalized."

First of all, there's a Pud! That's pretty neat. Second, I can't actually post what I think about Keith Olbermann-this being a G-rated, family friendly blog and all. But it looks like he might, for once, be on to some kind of truth.

According to, in this story (check out #7 of the top ten jack*ss moments in sports history), there is a contemporary source that claims that "Galvin was openly taking a potion called the elixir of Brown-Sequard, which was essentially testosterone extracted from animal testicles."

I really don't know what to say but it's not every day that I can post on Pud Galvin, Keith Olbermann, and monkey testicles all at the same time. We're living in very strange days.

Update: This story about Galvin and PEDs even made the stupid Wikipedia. The source for comments in the Galvin wiki article is this piece from NPR which quotes the Washington Post from 1889. The Post wrote "(if) there still be doubting Thomases who concede no virtue of the (Brown-Sequard) elixir, they are respectfully referred to Galvin's record in yesterday's Boston-Pittsburgh game. It is the best proof yet furnished of the value of the discovery."

Olbermann and NPR-that's interesting. Two members of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy working hand in hand to tear apart the fabric of the national game and, by extension, the country itself. It does fit their narrative though. Columbus committed genocide, the Founding Fathers were a bunch of rich slave owners, and the national game was corrupted by PEDs from the beginning. Why do these people hate America so much?

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