Sunday, May 19, 2013

Houston, We Have A Problem

So I got a new phone this week and it kind of automatically synched everything with my Google account.  When it synched, it added all of the pics that I posted to the blog to my phone gallery.  To conserve space, I, without thinking, deleted all of those pics from the phone.  Now it turns out that doing so probably deleted all of those pics from my Google account and, since Blogger is part of Google, from the blog.  So, to summarize: new phone, deleted pics, no pics on blog.

I'll probably go back and add the pics to the posts on the front page but there is no way that I'm going to go and add all of the pics to all of the posts.  Unless I can figure something else out, which appears unlikely, that stuff is gone forever.  It's a tough break but it should just motivate me to get the new site up and running quickly.  It's time to move on and since I just screwed the pooch here, I might as well do it now.

So here's the plan.  There's a post scheduled to go up tomorrow and then I'm going to go dark for a bit.  I have a big project for Protoball that I have to finish and that is going to take a few days.  After that, I'll try to bang out enough content to launch the new site and move the blog over there.  The new address will be and I'll post something here in the way of a formal announcement next week.  I'm shooting for May 3 for the relaunch of the blog and the website will probably be live sometime Memorial Day weekend.

Like they say, when God closes a door, he opens a window.  Losing the pics is a bit of bummer but I'm just going to look forward to launching the new site.

I have to thank Bob Wilke for bringing the problem to my attention yesterday.  Without Bob tipping me off, it may have taken a few more days for me to even notice what was going on.

So that's that and we're moving forward or onward or upward to the all new This Game Of Games.  Stay tuned for the official announcement, links and all of that stuff next week.

Update: I've gone back and fixed the posts on the front page but everything else is gone for good.  I have all of the box scores and pics on my laptop so they're not exactly lost but they're gone from the website.  In the great scheme of things, it's not a complete and total disaster.  I'll keep you informed about the launch of the new site and hope to see you there.  

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Caleb Hardwick said...

Sorry about the tough break. I'm looking forward to the new site.