Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another 1869 Empires/Aetna Match

As the season for out-door sports advances, so it seems does the general interest augment in our national game, as is evidenced by the large number of clubs and the many match games being played in our city; and of course those games wherever the leading clubs are the contestants attract the larger attendance and the greater excitement.  The recent trip of the "Empire," besides being a successful and honorable one to the club, will be productive of bringing here for the gratification of the public some of the leading clubs from the East, among them the old and well-known "Haymakers," of Lansingburg, N.Y., and famous "Red Stockings," of Cincinnati.  In addition, it is highly probable that the "Forest City," of Rockford, Ill., a club second to none, will put in an appearance during the fall season.  Yesterday the interest was centered in the second game of the championship match between the Empire and Aetna clubs, and resulted, as did the first game, in favor of the former club, though not by so large odds.  The Aetna had out their full nine, with Whalen at his old position of pitcher, in which he did well.  The Empires were obliged to call in requisition three of their second nine, being short of pitcher, centre field and second base.  The game was a very handsome batting one, with quick, active fielding and base play, a game of which the Aetna need not feel chagrined if they were defeated.  They did some tall batting and excellent fielding, but they were playing "The Empires."
-Missouri Republican, August 6, 1869

Love that last sentence and think I'm going to start referring to the Empire Club as The Empires from now on.

And to the best of my knowledge, this was actually the third game between these clubs in 1869.  They played on May 9 and May 23, both victories for The Empires.   

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