Friday, February 1, 2013

The Alleged Outrage

Ernest Rother, late book-keeper in the grocery store of Von der Ahe, of the St. Louis Base Ball Club, was arrested in [Columbus, Ohio,] to-day on a telegram from the Chief of Police of St. Louis, asking that he be detained on a charge of embezzlement.  Rother waived all formalities of a requisition, and left with an officer this evening on his return to St. Louis.  He states that he does not know what the special charges can be against him, though there is nothing wrong with his accounts or books, and he can make the matter clear when he arrives.  He thinks the arrest was made through the connivance of some of his enemies.

Rother was on his way to Germany.  While in the city he sent for James Williams, late manager of the St. Louis Club, who visited him at the prison and heard his story of the alleged outrage.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 1, 1884

I know that somewhere on this blog I've mentioned this story before but here it is again, coming up in the context of the 1884 season.  As a baseball story, there's not much there and the only interesting thing about the entire matter is the involvement of Von der Ahe and Williams. 

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