Friday, December 14, 2012

It Seems That I Know A Lot About The Hope And Resolute Clubs

There was an interesting match of base ball Saturday afternoon, between the Hope and Resolute clubs, the former being successful.  The total runs were: Hope 33; Resolute 21.
-Missouri Republican, August 30, 1864

The Hope and Resolute Clubs were two of the more active clubs in St. Louis during the later part of the Civil War and they continued to play in the post-war era.  They both had junior clubs and there is substantial evidence of the social activities of the clubs during the late war years.  It is known that the Resolutes had their home ground at the Abby Racetrack and that the Hopes formed in September of 1863.

This is actually a shockingly large amount of information to have about two obscure St. Louis Civil War-era clubs.   

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