Monday, November 5, 2012

The 1884 Maroons: The Game Became Tedious

The game between the St. Louis and Wilmington Unions was notable on account of the terrible batting of the visitors, who hit the "Only" Nolan harder than he had been hit this season, while the home club could do very little with Sweeney, whose pitching excited general admiration.  In the sixth inning Sweeney accomplished a remarkable feat.  Snyder made a single and scored on Lynch's triple, but the next three men were retired on strikes.  All interest ceased after the fifth.  The game became tedious and was drawn by mutual consent at the end of the eight inning.  The attendance was 500.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 9, 1884

Again: What kind of league was this?  The game is kind of boring and out of hand so let's just call it a day.  Ridiculous.  I'm honestly more interested in the big horse/bicycle race that was going on at Union Park than I am in the goings-on of the Maroons. 

By the way, after day one of the race, the horse had the led over the bicycles, 110 miles to 106.  However, on day two, the bikes had a good day and took a slim lead, 214 miles and two laps to 214 miles and one lap.  I don't think they can keep it up.  From what I can figure, there is a fresh horse everyday and the two guys on bikes are going to get worn out as this goes along.  I'm thinking the horse is going to win big. 

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