Friday, November 30, 2012

The 1860s St. Louis All-Stars

I have some cool stuff in my files and I've forgotten a lot of what I have.  Just looking for cool stuff to post, I came across a little document I made that listed a St. Louis all-star team for the 1860s.  And I figured you might like to see it.  Not surprisingly, there are a bunch of players from the Empire and Union Clubs.

The 1860s All-St. Louis Team

C  John Barrett, Empires

Barrett was a founding member of the club; field captain in 1863; member of club until the Empires stopped fielding a nine in the late 1870s.

1b  Adam Wirth, Empires

Wirth was probably the best St. Louis player of the pioneer era; had a reputation as an outstanding defensive player; one of the few St. Louis players of the era to receive any positive national attention.

2b  Jeremiah Fruin, Empires

Fruin was the field captain of the Empires through the war years; the most experienced baseball player in St. Louis; brought his experience and knowledge from New York and introduced the "scientific" style of baseball to St. Louis; one of the most influential players in St. Louis baseball history.

3b  James Spalding, Empires

Spalding was one of the mainstays of the Empire Club's great championship teams; field captain for several years in the 1870s; was described as "a fine fielder and superior [player.]"

SS  Ferdinand Garesche, Cyclones and Empires

Garesche played in the first match game and recorded the first unassisted triple play in St. Louis baseball history; was described as being an outstanding base runner.

OF  Joseph Charles Cabanne, Unions

One of the finest players on the Unions' championship clubs; described as both an outstanding hitter and a fine fielder.

OF Henry Carr, Union

Another mainstay of the champion Unions; described as being a great all-around player.

OF  William Duncan, Unions and Empires

Tobias stated that Duncan was "one of the best fielders that St. Louis had."

P  James Fitzgibbons, Empires

Field captain of the Empires in 1870; once threw the last four innings of a game with a gapping and bleeding cut on his pitching hand;  began his pitching career at Yale.

P  Robert Lucas, Unions

Brother of Union League founder and Maroons owner Henry Lucas and Browns Stockings' president J.B.C. Lucas; a left-handed pitcher who could hold his own at other positions. 

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Mike S said...

You have a lot of players playing on the same teams - do you know if they ever played at the same time?