Sunday, September 16, 2012

You Knew Where You Stood With Kid Baldwin

The Cincinnati Enquirer of Saturday says "Kid" Baldwin, the clever young catcher of the Kansas City Unions, received a telegram from Manager Barnie, of the Baltimore Americans, yesterday, offering him $500 to play with them for the balance of the season.  "Kid" handed the message to Manager Sullivan, who answered in this wise: "Yours received.  Thank you very much for the interest you take in the welfare of our club and players."  Manager Ted was very angry over this attempt to steal Baldwin, who is very well satisfied with his present engagement.  The funny part of the whole business is that Sullivan is paying him more than Barnie offered to pay.  A report comes from Cincinnati to the Globe-Democrat saying that the St. Louis Club is also after Baldwin to fill Dolan's place.  There is a slight inconsistency in American Association managers offering Baldwin engagements, since he jumped his contract with the Quincy Club.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, August 31, 1884

I find Kid Baldwin rather fascinating.  Our old friend, David Ball, wrote about Baldwin for SABR's Bio-Project and summed him up nicely: "For all his flaws, the Kid had more positive qualities, as yet less evident to those who knew him only through the newspapers.  Baldwin could be impulsive and self-centered when under pressure, but for the most part he was an open and uncomplicated soul; you knew where you stood with Kid Baldwin, and if you weren't certain he would gladly tell you." 

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