Monday, September 24, 2012

The Top Twenty Games In 19th Century St. Louis Baseball History: #17

17. April 2, 1882: St. Louis Brown Stockings vs. Standard Base Ball Club of St. Louis

The long-talked of game between the St. Louis Browns and the Standards came off yesterday afternoon.  Even the sun appeared at last and smiled upon the ball players, and 7,000 persons went out to greet the boys from the East and the West and to bid them welcome to St. Louis.  It was a great reception for the players of the Brown Stocking team who come from abroad here expecting to find friends.  They found them yesterday...Of course the defeat of the professional team was a surprise to many.  Perhaps the defeated were as much taken aback as any one else.  Perhaps the Standards, too, were somewhat astonished, but they ought not to have been...

The Browns presented a splendid team.  Even Comiskey was on hand, fielding a superb game and a perfect one...
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 3, 1882

I should have turned this one into a contest.  I should have just posted the date and the box score and let you guys guess the significance of the game.  It would have been fun because this one is pretty obscure.   

This April 1882  Brown Stockings game against the Standards was Charles Comiskey's first game with the club.

Comiskey is probably the most important player in the history of 19th century St. Louis baseball.  I could probably make an argument for Adam Wirth but I don't think my heart would be in it.  The leader, field manager and first baseman of the Four Time Champions, Comiskey was as significant a baseball player as has ever walked on the field for a St. Louis team.  If you asked people to name a 19th century St. Louis baseball player, I would imagine that Comiskey would be the name you heard most often.  His first game wearing a St. Louis uniform is a deserving addition to this list.

For the record, Comiskey's first league game was on May 2, 1882, against Louisville.        

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