Saturday, September 8, 2012

Von Der Ahe And The St. Louis Amateurs

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Sportsman's Park was held at the grounds last evening, there being present Messrs. Von der Ahe, O'Neill, Nolker and Reid.  In answer to the call for the local amateur clubs desiring to compete for the handsome ebony bat and silver ball offered by the Directors, the following clubs were represented: Pinafore, by H.C. Hoener; Lyons, P.B. Golman; Comptons, N. Corbey; Wedge House, H. Sexton; Paragons, A. McHose; Westerns, Geo. Flood; St. Louis Grays, L.C. Waitt; Carr Place, A.W. Sumner; Enterprise, Wm. Cahill; Prickly Ash, H.E. Hobbs; Griesidicks, Geo. W. Alexander.  These clubs all expressed a desire to enter the competition and the Directors will decide upon those to be admitted very shortly and a schedule will be duly prepared.  No admission will be charged to the games and an effort will be made to develop the amateur talent of the city, Mr. Von der Ahe stating the willingness of the Sportsman's Park directory to stand all expense of advertising and ground appointments.  Another meeting will be held Thursday, September 4, when matters will be put in more definite shape.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, August 29, 1884

I've posted information about this amateur competition as I've found it and I'm hoping to find out how it all came out but it's rather interesting to see Von der Ahe promoting the amateur game in St. Louis, especially for the stated purpose of developing local talent.  I'm thinking that this has more to do with creating an alternative product to compete with the Maroons but I could be wrong.  Von der Ahe would, in the future, take unique steps to develop talent for the Browns - specifically the failed attempt at a farm team in 1888.   

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