Monday, October 24, 2011

Photos Of The 1876 Brown Stockings

Your 1876 Brown Stockings

As I mentioned yesterday, Paul Batesel sent me the cropped Packy Dillon photo.  He also sent me these pictures, cropped from the above team photo of the 1876 Brown Stockings.  The individual pictures look fantastic and Paul did a great job with them.  Much thanks to him for passing them along.

John Clapp
George Washington Bradley
Herman Dehlman

Joe Battin
Mike McGeary

Denny Mack

Ted McGinley
Ned Cuthbert
Lipman Emmanuel Pike
Bad Dickey Pearce

Paul also sent me the cropped photo of Joe Blong but it was in a different format and I haven't bothered to change it into a jpg yet.  So you don't get to see that.  Sorry.

Also of note, and something that I never considered until just now, the inclusion of McGinley in the photo means that the photo was taken after June 23, 1876, when McGinley joined the team.  For some reason, I always just assumed that the photo was taken at the beginning of the season.

Again, big hat tip to Paul.  These pictures are just great.      


Cliff Blau said...

Man, that is one ugly uniform, though.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

Yes, it is. They also look uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

That's Tim McGinley, not Ted.