Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 1884 Maroons: Ticket Information

According to an ad in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 28, 1884, reserved seats at the Union Grounds were fifty cents, general admission was twenty-five cents and boys got in for ten cents.  Reserved seats could be purchased at a cigar store on the south-east corner of Fifth and Olive and at Monarch Billiard Hall, which was located in the Merchants' Exchange.  For the ladies, who probably didn't wish to visit a cigar store or a billiard hall, tickets could be purchased at Alexander's Drug Store.

I know that I've posted a lot of this information already but ticket information for the first few Maroons' games was a bit different, due to the fact that the Union Grounds weren't completed and all the reserved seating wasn't in place.  This is most likely what ticket prices were like for the remainder of the 1884 season.

Plus the information about where you could buy tickets was kind of neat and I wanted to post that.    

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