Friday, September 2, 2011

For The Benefit Of The Patrons

The Jefferson avenue line put in a switch at the Union Grounds yesterday, and they will have a lot of cars always ready to carry away the crowd at the conclusion of a game. The Cass Avenue Line will also run out a lot of extras, but they will do their switching at the stables. Superintendent Clevelend is getting up a new time card for the benefit of the patrons of the Union Grounds, and it will go into effect on May 1 when the new cars of this line will also be placed on the road.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 5, 1884

I find this whole story about the street cars fascinating. To me it helps convey the atmosphere and sense of excitement that I found in the Globe's coverage of the Maroons in the days leading up to their first game. You already have nice crowds coming out to see the club practice and they have to deal with the practical problem of how they're going to get these big crowds, that are anticipated, physically to the grounds, in and out of the park, and then back home. It these small little details about adding extra cars and having four entrances and they're still working on the field and Dunlap is going to hit leadoff and THE GAME IS TOMORROW that creates this extraordinary picture of a brief moment in St. Louis history. The sense of anticipation, in the Globe's coverage, is palpable.

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