Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Age Is Hopelessly Prosaic

There has long been ground to fear that the age is hopelessly prosaic.  Knights in armor are things of the past, and it was believed with reason that we should never look upon their like again in the flesh.  But there is at least an indication that this is not strictly true.  The game of base ball is taking on the characteristics of the tournament.  It only requires a catcher of a first-class nine with his armor on (face and body protectors) to be placed on a horse to reproduce the mounted knight.  A combination of base ball and polo would bring the parallel still nearer.  As the deadly character of base all increases, everybody connected with it will wear armor, and the spectators will be thrilled occasionally as of old by an occasional killing.  Thus does history repeat itself.  
-St. Louis Globe-Democrats, April 13, 1884

This really has nothing to do with anything but I just liked the lead so I thought I'd post it.

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